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Ethics and Uncertainty: The Guest Editor’s Introduction Tomasz Żuradzki s. 1-5
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Uncertainty and Probability within Utilitarian Theory Jonathan Baron s. 6-25
Retributivism, Consequentialism, and the Risk of Punishing the Innocent: The Troublesome Case of Proxy Crimes Piotr Bystranowski s. 26-49
Uncertainty and Control Sven Ove Hansson s. 50-59
When do Risky Choices Justify Inequality? Keith Hyams s. 60-74
Global Duties in the Face of Uncertainty Sylvie Loriaux s. 75-95
Mischaracterizing Uncertainty in Environmental-Health Sciences Kristin Shrader-Frechette s. 96-124
Expectational v. Instrumental Reasoning: What Statistics Contributes to Practical Reasoning Mariam Thalos s. 125-149
Coping with Ethical Uncertainty John R. Welch s. 150-166