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The Foundation of Moral Reasoning : the Development of the Doctrine of Universal Moral Principles in the Works of Thomas Aquinas and his Predecessors Anthony Celano s. 1-61
The Shifting Prominence of Emotions in the Moral Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas Stephen Chanderbhan s. 62-85
What Have I Done? Timothy Chappell s. 86-112
Thomas Aquinas and Recent Questions about Human Dignity Fred Guyette s. 113-127
The Parts of Prudence and Scientific Solutions for Weakness of Will Christopher Kaczor s. 128-133
Human Rights Theory Rooted in the Writings of Thomas Aquinas Anthony J. Lisska s. 134-152
Some Observations on Natural Law Michael Pakaluk s. 153-175
Reasoning about Nature in Virtue, Action and Law: The Path from Principles to Practice Eileen C. Sweeney s. 176-192
Does God Intend Death? Christopher Tollefsen s. 193-202
Information and acknowledgments = Informacje i podziękowania Włodzimierz Galewicz s. 203