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Enlightenment and Secularism. Foreword from the Guest Editor Anna Tomaszewska s. 1-6
Kant’s Critique of Religion: Epistemic Sources of Secularism Sorin Baiasu s. 7-29
Public Religion & Secular State: A Kantian Approach Mehmet Ruhi Demiray s. 30-55
The Philosophes’ Criticism of Religion and d’Holbach’s Non-Hedonistic Materialism Hasse Hämäläinen s. 56-75
Kant’s Model for Building the True Church: Transcending “Might Makes Right” and “Should Makes Good” through the Idea of a Non-Coercive Theocracy Stephen Palmquist s. 76-94
Hume on Church Establishments, Secular Politics and History Aaron Szymkowiak s. 95-117
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Self-Expression, and Kant’s Public Use of Reason Geert Van Eekert s. 118-137
How “China” Created Europe. The Birth of the Enlightenment Secularism from the Spirit of Confucianism Dawid Rogacz s. 138-160
A Variety of Moral Sources in a Secular Age Damian Barnat s. 161-173
Information and acknowledgments s. 174-175