Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Defining Death: Beyond Biology John P. Lizza s. 1-19
Death is a Biological Phenomenon Don Marquis s. 20-26
A Biological Theory of Death: Characterization, Justification, and Implications Michael Nair-Collins s. 27-43
A Holistic Understanding of Death: Ontological and Medical Considerations Doyen Nguyen s. 44-62
What Does a Definition of Death Do? Laura Specker Sullivan s. 63-67
In Defense of Brain Death: Replies to Don Marquis, Michael Nair-Collins, Doyen Nguyen, and Laura Specker Sullivan John P. Lizza s. 68-90
Nicholas of Cusa’s Interpretation of the Category of Hidden God on the Basis of the Dialogue De Deo Abscondito Dorota Brylla s. 91-111
The Starry Sky above Koenigsberg and the Moral Law. H.G. Gadamer’s Debate with I. Kant Concering the Experience of Beauty and Its Relatedness to Ethics Paweł Dybel s. 112-132
Armstrong’s Theory of the Laws of Nature Confronted with the Problems of Identification and Inference Joanna Luc s. 132-157
Information s. 158