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Editorial Jolanta Mazur s. 5-6
Trade Openness, Economic Growth and the Vicissitude of Labor‐intensive Industries : the Case of China Yuan Dongyang Yu Guansheng Li Jing Ma Ying s. 7-31
Emotional Intelligence – Sales Performance Relationship : a Mediating Role of Adaptive Selling Behaviour Athanasios Poulis Zazli Lily Wisker s. 32-52
CSR and Financial Performance : the Case of Polish Small and Medium Manufacturers Piotr Zaborek s. 53-73
How to Investigate Polish Clusters’ Attractiveness for Inward FDI? : Addressing Ambiguity Problem Marta Götz Cezary Główka Barbara Jankowska s. 74-93
Relationship Between Competitive Strategies and the Success Perception of Polish Born Globals Ewa Baranowska-Prokop Tomasz Sikora s. 94-113
Do Legal Barriers Really Protect the Labor Markets? : Empirical Evidence of Polish Migrants after 2004 Michał Schwabe s. 114-127