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Editorial Jolanta Mazur s. 5-7
Does the Common Currency Increase Exports? : Evidence from Firm‐Level Data Andrzej Cieślik Jan Michałek Anna Michałek s. 8-22
Geographic Labor Mobility as an Element of Adjustment Process in the Eurozone Countries and the USA States Michał Ziółkowski s. 23-44
An Analysis of China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment to the EU : Features and Problems Fan Ying s. 45-59
International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment as Innovation Factors of the U. S. Economy Tomasz M. Napiórkowski s. 60-75
Prospering in Tough Economic Times through Loyal Customers Rolph Anderson Rajiv Mehta Srinivasan Swaminathan s. 76-91
On Economics in Poland in 1949–1989 : Introduction Bogusław Czarny s. 92-112