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Editorial Jolanta Mazur s. 5-6
Inter-firm Relationship Quality vs. Perceived Cultural Differences Lidia Danik s. 7-31
Capturing Absorptive Capacity: Concepts, Determinants, Measurement Modes and Role in Open Innovation Małgorzata Stefania Lewandowska s. 32-56
The Institutional and External Factors Behind the Switch of a Country’s Economic Growth Strategy : the Case of the Brazilian Economic Policy Marta Czarnecka-Gallas s. 57-82
Exploring Links Between Dynamic Capabilities Perspective and Resource-Based View: A Literature Overview Piotr Wójcik s. 83-107
Economic Growth and Environmental Quality in the European Union Countries – Is there Evidence for the Environmental Kuznets Curve? Anna Mazur Zaur Phutkaradze Jaba Phutkaradze s. 108-126
Investor Reaction to Information on Final Dividend Payouts on the Warsaw Stock Exchange – an Event Study Analysis Natalia Szomko s. 127-146