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Editorial Jolanta Mazur s. 5-7
The Long-Run Effects of the Fed’s Monetary Policy on the Dynamics among Major Asset Classes Jia Miao s. 9-19
The Effect of Exports on Carbon Dioxide Emissions : Policy Implications Mpho Bosupeng s. 20-32
Drivers of Greek and Turkish Defense Spending Grzegorz Waszkiewicz s. 33-46
The Wisdom of e-crowds : Can Masses Create Value? Marcin Wieczerzycki s. 47-62
Exploration of Key Success Factors that Influence Business Performance : the Experiences of Women Micro-entrepreneurs from Mazovia Voivodeship of Poland Dariusz Leszczyński s. 63-89
The Importance of Vertical Linkages for the Innovation Activity of Medium-High and High Technology Industries in Poland Piotr Dzikowski s. 90-103
Organizational Culture and Open Innovation Performance in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Poland Jolanta Mazur Piotr Zaborek s. 104-137