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Editorial Jolanta Mazur s. 5-6
General Purpose Technologies and their Implications for International Trade Iordanis Petsas s. 7-35
Basic Indicators of Systemic Risk in the EU Banking Sector : implications for Banking Regulation Katarzyna Sum s. 36-55
Social Desirability Bias and Earnings Management around the World Paweł Niszczota s. 56-70
Personality Traits and Susceptibility to Behavioral Biases among a Sample of Polish Stock Market Investors Marcin Rzeszutek s. 71-81
Risk of Investments in Human Capital and Expected Worker Mobility Olena Shelest s. 82-106
Generation Gap Management in Restructured Metallurgical Enterprises in Poland Bożena Gajdzik Jan Szymszal s. 107-120