Tytuł Folia Oeconomica Stetinensia
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Wydawca Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego
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Folia Oeconomica Stetinensia
2011, Tom 10(18), Numer 2

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Bifurcation, chaos and attractor in the logistic competition Małgorzata Guzowska s. 7-18
On certain analogies between the laws of quantum mechanics and rules of an English auction Ewa Drabik s. 19-34
Simplified method of GED distribution parameters estimation Jan Purczyński s. 35-49
Dilemmas of economic measurements in weak scales Jerzy W. Wiśniewski s. 50-59
ARCH effects in multifactor market-timing models of Polish mutual funds Joanna Olbryś s. 60-80
An attempt to evaluate the economy of Upper Silesia by ownership sectors based on the econometric model and the final equation Józef Biolik s. 81-91
Socio-economic inequalities in health : measurement problems and the results of analyses for Poland Iwona Laskowska s. 92-102
Goodness of fit tests in modeling the distribution of the daily rate of return of the WIG20 companies Kamila Bednarz s. 103-113
Equivalence scale in terms of Polish households' source of income Paweł Ulman s. 114-127
Economic activity of the disabled in Poland in 2010 Beata Bieszk-Stolorz s. 127-138
Econometric analysis of the impact of propensities on economic occurrences : a macroeconomic perspective Mariusz Doszyń s. 138-154
Tourist activity of pensioners in Poland in 2009 : a statistical analysis Iwona Bąk s. 155-168
The assessment of health care system operation efficiency based on the example of poviats of Łódź and West Pomeranian voivodships Danuta Rozpędowska-Matraszek s. 169-189