Tytuł Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
ISSN 1732-4254
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Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
2007, Numer 8

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Wrocław: image of the city in the years 1997-2007 : places liked and disliked Łukasz Damurski s. 5-15
Present state and the perspectives of the ageing of European population Zbigniew Długosz s. 17-28
Population ageing research from a geographical perspective - methodological approach Sławomir Kurek s. 29-49
Functional and territorial structure of economic agglomeration in transition economies : the case of the city of Kiev Alexander V. Gladkey Jerzy Ładysz s. 51-63
The socio-spatial structure of post-socialist Łódź, Poland : results of National Census 2002 Szymon Marcińczak s. 65-82
Demographic changes in Portugal at the turn of the 21st century Jadwiga Maślanka s. 83-99
Health state of the population in Poland and Ukraine and its conditioning in the period of transformation Wiktoria Pantylej s. 101-115
Institutional organization of regional management in Russia Vakhtang R. Partsvaniya Albert A. Zarnadze s. 117-124
Migration processes in Polish selected metropolitan areas in the years 2000-2005 Piotr Raźniak s. 125-139
Spatial indoctrination and symbolic violence in the post-communist city (1) Zbigniew Rykiel s. 141-150
Selected aspects of changes in trade network in the period 1995-2003 from the perspective of Polish small towns Stefania Środa-Murawska s. 151-161
Spatial aspects of air transportation liberalization - changes in European airport hierarchy Piotr Trzepacz s. 163-177
Human settlement at risk : the New Orleans case study Jean-Marc Zaninetti s. 179-190