Tytuł Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
ISSN 1732-4254
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Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
2014, Numer 25

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Sustainable infrastructure provision through awareness in selected medium-sized towns in Kwara State Ganiyu Popoola Afolayan Afolabi Monisola Tunde s. 7-14
Airports as a factor of regional development on the example of the Szymany airport Marcin Bogdański s. 15-23
Quality of life in rural areas : a topic for the rural Development policy? René Brauer Mirek Dymitrow s. 25-54
Transport cost in location practice and economic geography : traditional theories, some new dimensions and policy implications Manolis Christofakis s. 55-67
Ranking Asia-Pacific cities : economic performance of multinational corporations and the regional urban hierarchy György Csomós Ben Derudder s. 69-80
Agrotourism development in Ghana : a study of its prospects and challenges at Adjeikrom Cocoa Tour Facility Gabriel Eshun Christopher Tettey s. 81-99
The concept of geo-demographic situation and geo-demographic typology of the subjects of the Russian Federation Gennady Fedorov s. 101-114
Spatial analysis of ethnopolitical mobilisation in the Caucasus in the 1980s and 1990s Libor Jelen s. 115-128
Resilience of pomorskie region to economic crisis Grzegorz Masik Stanisław Rzyski s. 129-141
Integrated planning of the development of a city in terms of the diurnal activity of its residents Lidia Mierzejewska Jerzy J. Parysek s. 143-153
A historical overview and critical analysis of town centre delimitation methodologies Ioannis A. Pissourios s. 155-165
The prospective impact of new shopping centres on the retail structure of Braga Pedro Porfirio Guimarães s. 167-180
Hotel location in Africa’s world class city : the case of Johannesburg, South Africa Jayne M. Rogerson s. 181-196
New player on the scene : Turkish engagement in Africa Kateřina Rudincová s. 197-213
The spatial production of a border-crossing civil society in Görlitz and Zgorzelec : a German point of view Nicolai Teufel s. 215-231
List of Reviewers s. 233