Tytuł Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
ISSN 1732-4254
Wydawca Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika
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Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
2013, Numer 21

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Intra-annual climate variability and malaria transmission in Nigeria Nathaniel Olugbade Adeoye Ayansina Ayanlade Oyekanmi Babatimehin s. 7-19
The scale and the dynamics of permanent migration in rural and peri-urban areas in Poland - some problems Jadwiga Biegańska Daniela Szymańska s. 21-30
Churches of Greater Mumbai - a physio-cultural appraisal Charlotte Braganza Dipti Mukherji s. 31-40
Staff qualification and the quality of tourism-related services in the Nitra region Adriana Grenčíková Monika Gullerová Sergej Vojtovič s. 41-48
Globalisation as a major factor modifying the patterns of tourism activity Elżbieta Grzelak-Kostulska Beata Hołowiecka s. 49-60
Effects of transformations in the urban structure on the quality of life of city residents in the context of recreation Hanna Hrehorowicz-Gaber s. 61-68
Conceptual framework of value creation through CSR in separate member of value creation chain Donatas Jonikas s. 69-78
A more efficient match between firms' demand, VET supply and human capital capacities through bottom-up, participative governance Joan Noguera s. 79-96
The timeshare industry of Africa : a study in tourism geography Wayde R. Pandy Christian M. Rogerson s. 97-109
The Upper-Silesian conurbation on the path towards the "Silesia" metropolis Alicja Szajnowska-Wysocka Elżbieta Zuzańska-Żyśko s. 111-124
A geographical perspective on the Aral Sea crisis : three interpretations of an image Kristopher D. White s. 125-132