Tytuł Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
ISSN 1732-4254
Wydawca Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika
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Bulletin of Geography. Socio-Economic Series
2005, Numer 4

Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Population changes in large Polish cities in the end of 20th century Justyna Bagińska Robert Szmytkie s. 5-13
Transformations in the industrial areas in a small city - example of Ozorków Tomasz Barański s. 15-23
Population movements in large Polish cities in 1988-2002 Zbigniew Długosz s. 25-36
Demographic prospect for 2030 in Poland : the stakes of the EU enlargement Gérard-François Dumont Jean-Marc Zaninetti s. 37-56
The role of industry in formation of functional structure of Toruń Wiesława Gierańczyk s. 57-66
Transformation in agriculture in New Länder in Germany, Poland and Ukraine Stanisław Grykień s. 67-77
Structural changes in groups of employees in big cities in Poland, 1992-2001 Barbara Jokiel Barbara Miszewska Michał Slenczek s. 79-100
The use of the evolutionary algorithm for the aggregation of socio-economic indices : (considering the estimate of the innovative potential of Russian regions) Pavel Chistyakov Daniel Kanevsky s. 101-115
Territorial distribution of population change in Poland in the years 1991-2001 Sławomir Kurek s. 117-133
The role of small district towns in the urban agglomeration system in Poland Agnieszka Kwiatek-Sołtys s. 135-140
The standards of living in small towns of Opole province in the light of particular indexes Beata Nytko-Wołoszczuk s. 141-152
Farming of Chojnice district after Poland's integration with EU Bogumiła Ropińska s. 153-163
The cultural liquidation of Lusatia in the context of the European and German integration Zbigniew Rykiel s. 165-182
Changes of service structure in Polish cities during system transformation Dariusz Sokołowski s. 183-190
Demographic changes in an industrial centre : (based on Sosnowiec as the example) Alicja Szajnowska-Wysocka s. 191-200
The space of the shopping centre in Poland Katarzyna Żerebecka s. 201-206