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Zbigniew Długosz

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The level and dynamics of population ageing process on the example of demographic situation in Europe Zbigniew Długosz s. 5-15
Present state and the perspectives of the ageing of European population Zbigniew Długosz s. 17-28
Population movement and changes in population in European countries - present state and perspectives Zbigniew Długosz Piotr Raźniak s. 21-35
Selected aspects of permanent emigration from Poland (2001–2010) Szymon Biały Zbigniew Długosz s. 25-37
Population movements in large Polish cities in 1988-2002 Zbigniew Długosz s. 25-36
Migration of population in big Polish cities as compared to smaller cities and towns in the light of selected parameters of the migration process Zbigniew Długosz s. 33-50
Selected aspects of foreign immigration to Poland at the turn of the 20th/21th century Zbigniew Długosz s. 55-72
Population ageing in towns of the Małopolskie voivodeship as concerns economic activity Zbigniew Długosz s. 125-134
Typologia demograficzna krajów Europy wg Webba w latach 2005–2025 Szymon Biały Zbigniew Długosz s. 151-164