Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
The Large Family in Contemporary Conditions Franciszka Wanda Wawro s. 7-16
The Meaning of Family in Fighting the Pathological Habit of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Grzegorz Ignatowski s. 17-24
Distance Education in Poland, the Integrity of a student, the Pupil and Material Situation at Schools Ewa Frankiewicz Ryszard Kucha s. 25-32
Family as a Source of School Failures Mariola Świderska s. 33-40
Value of Work in the Modern World Norbert G. Pikuła s. 41-51
Social Determinants of Childcare in Poland in 1991–2014 Oresta Karpenko s. 53-61
The Evaluation of the Readiness of the child for the Early-school Education in the Context of the Indicators of the School Maturity – the Model of the Mature Child Ready for Education Elżbieta Markiewicz Ireneusz Skawina s. 63-77
Personality of the Teacher as an Important Element in the Educational Process of the Child Ireneusz Jurczak Elwira Jurczak s. 79-88
Behaviour Disorders of Children with the Feeling of Alienation Henryk Cudak s. 91-102
Transitions and Threats to Family from the Standpoint of People in Their Thirties Arkadiusz Marzec s. 103-112
Negative Aspects of Nonrealization of Motherhood – Opinions and Sentiments of Childless Women Dorota Ruszkiewicz s. 113-127
Emotional Support – Methodological Aspects of Measuring the Quality of Comfort-intended Communication Dorota Zdybel s. 129-142
Similarities and Differences in Values of Polish Young Women and their parents – the Effect of Value Transmission and Value Change Joanna Fryt Karolina Pietras s. 143-156
Women – Home Educators Katarzyna Kochan s. 157-172
The Experience of the Parents’ Absence and the Declared Life Aspirations of School-age Young People : Summary of Research Findings Paweł Konieczny Monika Tylka s. 173-188
The contemporary Education to the Old Age in the Context of Relations with Environment, Family and Society Jan Błaszczyk Elżbieta Markiewicz Ireneusz Skawina s. 189-203