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Permanence of Values as an Important Element of Family Life Henryk Cudak s. 7-14
Problem of Con dence and its Loss : the Role of a Family in Ins lling Truthfulness Grzegorz Ignatowski s. 15-22
Specific difficulties in education and care process in single motherhood family Sławomir Cudak s. 23-32
Institutional forms of support for the elderly Mariola Świderska s. 33-40
Asperger Syndrome – introduction to the problem Ewa Przygońska s. 41-52
Career guidance in combating social exclusion and pathology among adolescents Dorota Nawrat s. 53-64
Environmental education of managers in the context of sustainable development strategy Małgorzata Kociszewska s. 65-75
The therapeutic and educational properties of fairytale therapy in the early stages of children’s development Marek Jan Kuciapiński s. 77-93
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The influence of modern technologies on family in Poland and Europe Wojciech Ratajek s. 97-103
Role of family in establishment of recreational behaviour patterns in children and young people Arkadiusz Marzec s. 105-115
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Determinants of conflicts with Parents in the view of young adolescents Beata Ciupińska s. 117-127
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Raising a child in prearranged environment in the perception of Polish teachers – the forgotten discourse or a new educational perspective? : research conducted in the province of Subcarpathian Barbara Lulek s. 129-139
Between a feeling and a duty : on care within professional foster families Sylwia Badora Jan Basiaga s. 141-158
Domestic violence against seniors perceived by the “prevention Arkadiusz Mateusz Korycki s. 159-171