Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Children’s Responsibility for Their Elderly Parents Grzegorz Ignatowski s. 7-14
Social Issues Affecting Families of Children with Congenital Heart Defects – Introduction and Research Postulates Barbara Sapała s. 15-25
Transactional Analysis as a Method to Test the Quality of Life of a Family Dorota Strzelczyk s. 27-38
Pedagogical Intervention: The Place and the Influence of Contemporary Animated Movies on Pedagogical Process Elżbieta Markiewicz Ireneusz Skawina Sylwia Szczepaniak s. 39-50
Interactivity of Mass Media to the Activity of the Child at School and Outside It Elżbieta Markiewicz Ireneusz Skawina s. 51-64
Significance of Siblings for the Child’s Development Małgorzata Prokosz s. 65-75
Father’s Role in Children’s Upbringing Krzysztof Zajdel s. 77-87
Emotional and Social Functioning of Families With a Person Addicted to Alcohol Sławomir Cudak s. 91-101
Children’s Upbringing in the Perception of Engaged Couples Dorota Ruszkiewicz s. 103-119
Rewards and Punishments Applied in the Family Environment of Early Education Students Daria Sikorska s. 121-136
Comparing Selected Levels of Communication Between Fiancée, Fiancé and Spouses Barbara Lulek s. 137-153
The Importance of Marriage and Family in the Narratives of Adult Children of Divorced Parents Maja Piotrowska s. 155-171