Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
The importance of educational culture of parents in children’s social adjustment Henryk Cudak s. 7-16
Hermann Gmeiner (1919–1986) – the Greatest Foster Father for More than 2000 SOS Children’s Village Projects and Facilities Ryszard Kucha s. 17-29
Community nursing and health Veronika Žilová s. 31-38
A Nursery School as an Institution Suppoting Parents in Raising their Childr Mariola Świderska s. 39-54
The meaning of love and faithfulness in the life of spouses Sylwester Bębas s. 55-64
Women of two generations in modern family Krystyna Ferenz s. 65-74
Extramural cultural institutions as a support for a families in the area of music activity development of young people Marek Jan Kuciapiński s. 75-85
The Role of the Family in Ecological Education Grzegorz Ignatowski s. 87-93
Influence of single-parent families on children’s development Alina Maria Basak s. 95-107
Earning emigration, unemployment and poverty : Family in the scope of social threats Barbara Lulek s. 109-126
Family Diagnostic and Consultation Centers as Institutions Supporting Courts and Families In Case of Maladjusted Minors Nella Stolińska-Pobralska s. 127-138
The importance of social assistance for individuals and families in difficult life situations Waldemar Basak Alina Basak s. 139-152
Characteristiangcs of Polish family SMEs Łukasz Sułkowski s. 153-175
Victimization in the school environment : Results of researches realized in some regions of Slovakia Anna Žilová s. 177-186
Child’s emotional relationship to his or her father after the divorce of parents Sławomir Cudak s. 187-196
Young people and cohabitation in marriage with a marriage certificate Anna Žilová s. 197-205
Parental tutoring as an expression of familial community Leokadia Wiatrowska s. 205-224
Birth rates and reproductive behaviour in the population of the Slovak Republic Alena Novotná Veronika Žilová s. 225-232
Social care for psychosocially disabled juvenile girls in correctional establishments in the Slovak Republic Beata Akimjakova Anna Skokanova Anna Zilova s. 233-240
Gender equality – factor supporting social inclusion in Slovakia Anna Žilová s. 241-250
Family as a basic social unit responsible for children’s participation in culture Ewa Przygońska s. 251-264
Social Relations of Voluntarily Modest People Alena Novotná s. 265-268
Risks of Social Exclusion in Connection with Natality and Nuptiality in Slovakia after 1990 Veronika Žilová s. 269-278
The DISTINC Project as an Example of Building New Europe, or New World by Inclusion in Education and Upbringing Adam Gogacz s. 281-288
Career guidance and tutorial actions in the educational framework in Catalonia s. 289-294
Career guidance services for school students in Lithuania Jūratė Murinienė s. 295-298