Tytuł Managerial Economics
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Managerial Economics
2013, Tom 13

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The Role of Bank Credits in Investment Financing of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Sector in Poland Joanna Duda s. 7-20
The Testing of Casual Stock Returns-Trading Volume Dependencies with the Aid of Copulas Henryk Gurgul Roland Mestel Robert Syrek s. 21-44
Modelin of Returns and Trading Volume by Regime Switching Copulas Henryk Gurgul Artur Machno Roland Mestel s. 45-64
Modeling of Withdrawals from Selected ATMs of the "Euronet" Network Henryk Gurgul Marcin Suder s. 65-82
A Strong Brand as a Determinant of Purchase the Case of Sectors, where Advertising in Mass Mesia Is Banned- on the Example of the Polish Spirits Sector Katarzyna Liczmańska Agnieszka M. Wiśniewska s. 83-98
The New Approach to Estimation of the Hazard Function in Business Demography on Example of Data from New Zealand Paweł Zając s. 99-110
Summaries s. 111-113
Streszczenia s. 115-117
Instruction for authors s. 119-120
Informacje dla autorów artykułów s. 121-122