Tytuł artykułu    Autorzy Strony Czynności
Everyday Spaces : Introduction Tadeusz Rachwał s. 4-5
"Poor Naked Wretches" : The Wound of the Ordinary in James Agee and Robert Penn Warren Joseph Kuhn s. 6-14
At Home in Loneliness, Loneliness at Home : Domesticity and the Early Short Stories of Richard Yatese Asylum Karl Wood s. 16-27
Domestication of Foreigner's Home in Toni Morrison's "Home" Agnieszka Łobodziec s. 28-37
Southern «Antebellum» Plantation : Home, Prison, Enterprise? Jerzy Sobieraj s. 38-46
Domesticating the Flâneur : Colson Whitehead's "Zone One" Karolina Słotwińska-Pełka s. 48-55
Alienation and Dislocation versus Homeliness and Norm in Patricia Highsmith's "Strangers on a Train" and "The Talented Mr Ripley" Joanna Stolarek s. 56-65
"The Secret History" of Hamden Campus : A Study in Elitism and Murder Evangelia Kyriakidou s. 66-74
Out of the Ordinary : The Event and its Repetition in Paul Auster's Prose Priyanka Deshmukh s. 76-85
Exile in Julia Alvarez's "How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents" Aristi Trendel s. 86-94
"It ghosts" : Language as a Haunted Dwelling in Selected Poems by Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens and Marianne Moore Paulina Ambroży s. 96-109
"Why am I cold." : Sylvia Plath's English Home and American Refrigerators Agnieszka Pantuchowicz s. 110-120
Other Presences : Elizabeth Bishop's Poetics of Hospitality Anna Warso s. 122-131
Tracing the Form of Compassion : Homelessness in Leslie Scalapino's "bum series" Małgorzata Myk s. 132-141
Abstracts s. 142-148