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Foreword : And Yet It Moves Paweł Pyrka Anna Warso s. 2-3
The Road to Interactivity : The Influence of Media Convergence on Talent Show Programs Izabela Kurczewska s. 120, 4-13
Also These Voices : Technology and Gender in the Practice of Fanvidding Joanna Kucharska s. 120-121, 14-28
The Effect of Technology on Language and the Importance of Language Technologies Rafał Uzar s. 121, 30-40
Is There a Literature in this Class? Urszula Pawlicka s. 122, 42-56
When Man Becomes Machine : The Creation of ‘Symborgs’ in Pop Cultural Universes Ewelina Twardoch s. 122, 58-70
Technologized Culture or Cultured Technology? : Video Games as a New Form of Storytelling Ewa Drab s. 122-123, 72-80
(Re)Designing Human : Genetics in Cinema : The Dialectics of Past, Present and Future Aneta Jałocha s. 123, 82-93
Stereo Vision and the Imaginary Man : The Influence of 3D Technology on the Experience of the Film Viewer Piotr Fortuna s. 124, 94-101
Technology as Witchcraft : Fear and Desire: A Female Robot in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis Zbigniew Wałaszewski s. 102-109, 124
Fifty Shades of Real : The Sexual and the Virtual in Spike Jonze’s Her Rafał Morusiewicz s. 110-119, 124