Tytuł Studia Philosophiae Christianae
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Wydawca Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie
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Studia Philosophiae Christianae
2015, Tom 51, Numer 2

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[Published in 1993] Adam Cebula s. 5-6
Grounds and Preparations for the Main Thesis of «Veritatis Splendor» John Finnis s. 7-26
The Splendor of Truth and Intrinsically Immortal Acts I : A philosophical Defense of the Rejections of Proportionalism and Consequentialism in «Veritatis Splendor» Josef Seifert s. 27-67
Natural Law, Biological Knowledge, and The Claims of Evolutionary Ethics John Liptay s. 69-83
To What Extent do Circumstances Affect the Nature of Actions? Ryszard Moń s. 85-94
Do Principles of Natural Law Depend on Conceptions of Human Nature? Jasmina Nedevska s. 95-114
In Defence of the Rationality of Ethics : «Veritatis Splendor» and Robust Conception of Moral Agency Adam Cebula s. 115-126
Martyrdom, Suicide and Absolute Negative Norms Justyna Głowala s. 127-141
Unintended Morally Determinative Aspects (UMDAS) : Moral Absolutes, Moral Acts and Physical Features in Reproductive and Sexual Ethics Anthony McCarthy s. 143-158
Recognition and Restraint : Relocating a Just Peace Christian Ethics Aaron Tyler s. 159-172
Expressive Individualism, the Cult of the Artist as Genius, and Milton's Lucifer Patrick Madigan s. 173-185