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Editorial s. 5
On Zangwill's aesthetic theory of art Daniel O. Nathan s. 7-16
Reply to Daniel O. Nathan on art Nick Zangwill s. 17-19
The aesthetic creation theory of art Rafael de Clercq s. 20-24
Reply to Rafael de Clercq on art Nick Zangwill s. 25-27
Art and audience Gary Iseminger s. 28-38
Reply to Gary Iseminger on aesthetic properties and audiences Nick Zangwill s. 39-41
Aesthetic creation and artistic value Robert Stecker s. 42-56
Reply to Robert Stecker on art Nick Zangwill s. 57-59
Mathematical beauty John Barker s. 60-74
Reply to John Barker on mathematics Nick Zangwill s. 75-77
Functional beauty : the metaphysics of beauty and specific functions in architecture Larry Shiner s. 78-99
Reply to Larry Shiner on architecture Nick Zangwill s. 100-101
Intellectual passivity and the aesthetic attitude Zofia Rosińska Grzegorz Czemiel (tłum.) s. 102-114
"Bad painting" : an examination of the phenomena of "bad painting" through the work of pragmatists Tony Benn s. 115-129
Notes on contributors s. 130-131