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Ivo Jirásek

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The Labyrinth, not a barrier but instead a call to wandering = Labirynt, nie bariera, lecz określenie wędrowania Ivo Jirásek s. 11-17
The development of group connectedness and sense of community during a twelve-day winter journey on snowshoes: non-formal education through the Czech Outward Bound course Adela Dvorackova Ivo Jirasek s. 39-48
Pilgrimage – tourism continuum once again: matrix of sacred, spiritual and profane connectedness to authenticity Ivo Jirásek s. 46-53
Winter Wandering on Snow Shoes as a Non-Religious Pilgrimage Ivo Jirásek Miroslava Jirásková s. 47-51
Humanistic and social approaches toward sport : the short information about an international conference in Poland Ivo Jirásek s. 66-67