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A. H. Halsey

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"The Changing Culture of a Factory : A Study of Authority and Participation in an Industrial Setting", Elliot Jaques, London 1957; "General Union : A Study of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers", H. A. Clegg, Oxford 1954; "The Dock Worker : An Analysis of Conditions of Employment in the Port of Menchester", Liverpool 1956; "Technical Change and Industrial Relations : A Study of the Relations between Technical Change and Social Structure in a Large Steelworks", W. H. Scott, J. A. Banks, A. H. Halsey, T. Lupton, Liverpool 1956 : [recenzja] Jerzy Piotrowski J. A. Banks (aut. dzieła rec.) H. A. Clegg (aut. dzieła rec.) A. H. Halsey (aut. dzieła rec.) Eliot Jaques (aut. dzieła rec.) T. Lupton (aut. dzieła rec.) W. H. Scott (aut. dzieła rec.) s. 248-258